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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Fort Lauderdale’s Elcon Electric Launches Special New Online Discounts


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Elcon Electric, one of the area’s leading electrical services for over twenty-five years, launched several special new online offers. Visitors to the Elcon Electric website will find new electrician coupons that are good for unbeatable discounts. The first online special entitles new customers to a $25 discount on an initial service call. Another online coupon can be used for $50 off the regular installation price of a whole-home surge protection system.

As the electrician fort lauderdale residents and businesses trust and rely upon the most, Elcon Electric also provides a free, five-point electrical safety inspection with every job. Thanks to the new online coupons, making use of one of Fort Lauderdale’s highest-rated, best-reviewed electricians has never been more affordable.

“We really enjoy making sure our website is a useful, informative resource for our visitors,” said Elcon Electric representative Stephanie McConchie, “From our helpful electrical tips and blog posts to customer reviews and service details, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we have just added some valuable online-only coupons to the site. New customers can take $25 off their first service call, and we’ve got some special things in store for existing ones, as well. We invite residents and businesses throughout our service area to come have a look.”

Since 1989, Elcon Electric has provided families and businesses throughout Southeast Florida with the best in electrical services. With a lifetime guarantee on all work, the company has built up an industry-leading reputation for service, quality, and dedication. A 2015 winner of the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award, Elcon Electric also maintains a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Elcon Electric customers consistently rate and review the company highly, frequently recommending its services to friends and acquaintances, as well.

The Elcon Electric website has also proved to be popular, with visitors enjoying the electrical tips, blog posts, and other information to be found there. The new online specials at the Elcon Electric website include a coupon good for $25 on a first electrical service job, making it especially affordable for new customers to get started with a company widely regarded as one of the best in Southeast Florida. Site visitors will also find a coupon good for $50 off the installation of a home surge protection system, with other specials to follow in the near future.

About Elcon Electric:
Providing the best in residential and commercial electrical work since 1989, Elcon Electric offers a full range of services to clients throughout Southeast Florida and on the Treasure and Space Coasts.


Doing Doors The Right Way

How You Can Install a Deadbolt to Your Door The deadbolts offer a higher degree of your home security from intruders than a spring-loaded door knob can do. A key has to be used to open a deadbolt from any side. If you want to install a deadbolt on your home, the procedure is pretty simple. Most of the manufacturers have a template instruction you on how to install it. To get a clear picture of installing a deadbolt, read this article. Start by reading on the manufacturer’s instructions template. It has reference indicating points to marked on the door using an awl. The position should be above six inches above the door knob. Drilling a hole for the deadbolt should follow. Use the manufacturers reference points to make the holes. The holes should be made using a hole saw.Finishing the hole from the other side of the door will prevent splinters. Of your hole saw is not big enough to go through the breadth of the door use a standard bit to drill.
What Do You Know About Doors
The third step involves drilling a hole through the edge of the door. The 211/2″ spade bit drill will have to be used here. Go on to mortise the area around the faceplate. A wood chisel should be used so that it will be flush with the door. Utilize a smaller chisel for the rounded corners.
A Quick Overlook of Deadbolts – Your Cheatsheet
Move on to fasten the bolt to the door. As long as the faceplate has not fit perfectly, you need to continue with mortising. Make the pilot holes and fasten the deadbolt to the door with screws. The nest stage is the installation of the cylinder and the thumb level. To begin with, fix the exterior side while making sure that the writing is upright. Continue to work on the interior and tighten the screws where the mounting holes should be inside the lock. To fasten the deadbolt, make use of screws. With paint or lipstick, mark the tip of the bolt. Mark the door frame by first shutting the door and turning the bolt many times. The 7/8″ spade bit should be applied to drill two holes in the door frame for the deadbolt. Mortise the surrounding of the holes such that the strike bolt will be flush with the door frame. Make pilot holes and tighten the bolts with screws. Having done this, your home security is enhanced than relying on the standard spring-loaded door knob.In case you feel that the procedure is somehow complex for you, you beer seek an expert to do it for you. It is imperative that you avoid mistakes that can lose you if you do it on your own. Such a mistake can mean that you deface your door with ugly marks which you won’t likeTo make sure you get it right, keep your eye on the guide plus the manufacturer’s template.

5 Takeaways That I Learned About Doors

Methods of Installing a Deadbolt Lock As long as deadbolt lock is concerned, to opt to just have it installed yourself is a given and when this happens, you will want to make sure that you will have it done accordingly, which is what we will be talking about in this article to help you out. In order for you to have a great start, the very first thing that you will want to look into is to make sure that you will have the manufacturer’s copy or the template because from this, you should then have the security that you are on the right track. The reason behind why you will want to look into these things is because of the fact that there will be markings and whatnot that you will definitely need to ensure that you will have your deadlock installed respectively and according to the very type of door that you have. When you have the markings placed respectively, then you will want to start cutting the holes that you have marked with the use of the template that you have along as you purchased the deadbolt lock. So that you will be able to have the hole cut appropriately, you will want to use the right tools and for this regard, a hole saw is most appropriate for such. Make sure that you will stop cutting through the door once the pilot bit comes through the opposite side and finish on the other side so you will be able to avoid having splinters. By using a 1 1/2 ” space bit, to have the hole drilled appropriately should be achieved easily.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Deadbolts? This May Help
Keep in mind that you will also have to dry-fit the bolt right into the hole that you have drilled and make sure that you will include the trace around the faceplate as well. So that you will be able to mortise the surrounding area, make sure that you will use chisel as this is the only tool that should fit perfectly for such purpose as the moment. So that you will be able to recess the faceplate, tap the tool deep enough and to have the rounded corners mortised accordingly, a smaller chisel should do the trick.
The Ultimate Guide to Security
Once you have the marked area mortised appropriately, make sure that you will then secure the bolt to the door using screws to lock the entire thing respectively. After that, you will then have to install the cylinder and the thumb lever plates. To do so, dry-fit these things and you should then have a good indication on how to fit the pieces altogether. You should then opt to screw the holes as well so you will then be able to mount the holes. Using a paint or anything that could represent a mark, accurately mark the end of the bolt and close the door. Turn the deadbolt a few more times and you should then see two overlapping holes in the doorframe and by using a space bit, drill these things accordingly. The strike plate should be screwed accordingly once you have mortised the area.

What You Should Know About Products This Year

What is Off Grid Living Like? There are a lot of people that think that off grid living is a life that is free from stress and is peaceful. You should prepare yourself to feel surprised if you are one of those people because you will soon enough know what the reality of off grid living is. One of the many common ideas of living self sufficiently is that there is less hassle and work as well. This is actually a lifestyle that is not suited for everyone. The off grid living does not work in a way where you simply have to install a solar system and after that you can go off grid living just overnight. One of the many things that you need to know about renewable energy is that this is very expensive. The decision to go off grid living cannot be made in a snap because of this reason alone. So in order to be able to achieve this kind of lifestyle what the people will do instead is that slowly but surely they build up their system. To continue with their ordinary life and to partially depend on their solar system is as a matter of fact what these people will continue to do. The wind mills and the solar power are as a matter of fact becoming more efficient and less expensive which is why there are a lot of people that are attracted to it. By now you might not see any wind mills or solar panels in your neighbors but there will come a time that they will have either of these in their roof. In terms of financial concerns, there are a lot of people that consider this as a good idea. There is actually a different reason for this and that is the fact that people have imagined too much of the off grid living.
Case Study: My Experience With Resources
The reality of off grid living is that you need to do more than just install a solar shingled roof or solar power. The reality of off grid living is that you will only rely on yourself in order to be able to satisfy your needs. Your needs in terms of electricity is as a matter of fact not only limited to this but this also includes the other resources like the water.
Products – My Most Valuable Advice
There is another definition of the off grid living and that is for you to actually have more stock of power and water compared to how much you actually make use of. For you to choose the off grid living life means that you will be able to value a single day’s worth of electricity, value of your dollar and value of every drop of water. A common thing that people have when they choose the off grid living life is that they are conserving energy since there is no unlimited supply of power. For you to be aware of what your system is capable of producing and you being aware of what you are using is the bottom line of the off grid living.

If You Think You Get Resources, Then Read This

How To Hire A Moving Company? After making a decision to relocate to a new place, it’s important to find the best moving company there is. People face a long list of things that must be done during a move and this can make them feel stressed easily. And whether you believe it or not, this stress they feel can double up if they’re the one who has to pack everything, load up the boxes on their own and then unpack and organize their stuff once they arrive. By hiring a reliable and seasoned moving company for this specific purpose, it can help in reducing stress in the process significantly. To be sure that you’re working only with the right movers on the other hand, you have to take into mind the steps listed below. Step number 1. It is recommended that you find local movers because they can be providing you with efficient and faster service. Say that you are moving locally, it just makes sense to work with such since they’re more familiar with the place and can give assurance that the relocation is going to be easy and smooth.
A Simple Plan For Researching Businesses
Step number 2. For this particular service, see to it that you’ve checked the company’s reputation. In regards to this matter, you may want to ask for references and be sure to check them, read reviews online, which can help you get honest insights regarding on what to expect from their service and many more.
6 Facts About Movers Everyone Thinks Are True
Step number 3. Before choosing a mover that you want to hire, you ought to consider your specific requirements too. Talk about your requirements with your prospects so by that, they’ll become aware of what you expect from their service. It is your job as a client to find out the services that the mover can and will provide. Step number 4. Always seek for clarification, most especially if you’re looking for specific service such as moving plants or a pet. There are some companies that don’t provide this kind of service and thus, it’s recommended to be mindful about them since this will help you in finalizing your decision later on. Step number 5. Among the easiest ways to find the best moving company there is, is simply by asking references from your colleagues, friends or even family members. For sure there is one of them at least that has experience working with a mover, which can help you in choosing which one to hire. Step number 6. After gathering information and researching about companies operating in your area, you may now start to shortlist them. Reaching at least 2 or 3 companies in the list and scheduling an interview is good.

Questions About Options You Must Know the Answers To

All About Furniture Furniture is a very important part in your home and if you have a piece of any furniture, it could give you a huge happiness. If you are unaware of any type of woods that are used in your home, it would be difficult for you to buy a furniture since from the start, it is already hard to buy one, so what more if you do not know anything about it. There are many changes that has happened in the world, including the world of furniture and the most recent one is shopping for furniture online. There are some ways to buy furniture for your home and when you are planning this would be the first thing that you could think of instead of thinking about online shopping for furniture. Having your furniture customized at your house by a carpenter like the ancient times would probably not a good idea for you and if you decide to visit furniture shops for their best items and discounts would also not be practical. You have invested a lot of effort for an item and sometimes you would not be satisfied once you have got the item after waiting for quite a while. You expect that the product which you have would bring you satisfaction and so this could be really disappointing. You should always be careful when you buy online to lessen your disappointments. Learn about the advantages of buying furniture online.
Sales – Getting Started & Next Steps
In the coming years, the market of furniture online would still continue to expand since it is a global market. One big advantage of buying furniture online is that you would not just stick to a single store as you can choose from many stores online.
5 Uses For Options
Furniture research is narrowed in the market of furniture online due to its vast market size . This means that you can easily look for the specifics of a furniture that you would want like its texture, color, fabric and wood. Furniture online shops are simple and do not eat a lot of your time just like other shops online. Having internet connection and knowing how it could really be helpful for you, then you will not have a problem in shopping furniture online, instead you would have a great experience. Shopping for furniture online is easy because they have picture and policies for you. They have pictures of furniture in different angles which make it easy for you to choose a furniture online. Think about these when you decide to shop online for furniture. You could just simply decide to shop online for furniture if you are a busy person.

The Beginners Guide To Businesses (What You Need To Know To Get Started)

Furnish the House with Great Furniture The type of furniture installed in a house is very instrumental in the comfort the residents in a home or office have. In case you have ever been in a room that has no proper furniture’s, the chairs must have made you tired. Looking on the other side are rooms whose appearance is coziness. These types of chairs gives you a comfortable feeling. The tables are highly welcoming and the cabinets make the room look lively. Any piece of furniture in a house has its unique purpose. It has unique features that make it provide better utility. If you need to live in a beautiful house, then you must make it beautiful. It is upon you to furnish your house if you need fully furnished. There are certain features that you need to look into when buying furniture for any place. Furniture to be installed needs to match the size of the room to be furnished. For instance, you need to know the measurement of the room so as to get the best fit of furniture. This will avoid the extreme to the small size which means the furniture will not serve you fully or even the extreme to the large which may result on oversized furniture. The aesthetic value of the room need to be ensured by the furniture installed. You can get the best piece of furniture at the home store center. They offer a wide range of furniture with high end finishes and regular finishes. This gives you the chance to buy only the furniture that has the ability to transform your house. The home store centre has excelled in making the task of furnishing any room an easy and enjoyable experience. By visiting their online store, you can view the selection of furniture they have for you. There is virtually no way you can fail to get a piece of furniture that will impress you. Their homepage is the place you need to visit and request for a custom piece of furniture. You will provide the description of the furniture, and their creative designers will provide you with unlimited customs designs. You get the opportunity to select one of the beautiful designs, and it will be completed.
Understanding Furniture
Home center store gives you extra benefits by doing the delivery free of charge. This delivery is made as promptly as possible to ensure that the customer can start using the purchase immediately. To make the purchase process much simple, they accept payment through a variety of methods. They will follow you to help you with the installation and designing jobs. Thus your home will not only add to beauty, but the user experience will also become better.Lessons Learned About Stores

Getting Down To Basics with Equipment

What Are Basic Information on Power Tools?

Some power tool users would sometimes believe to have understand completely all the necessary information about power tool safety. However, these power tools can result to adverse consequence is not used properly. There was one survey conducted in which indoor power tools would cause hundreds and thousands of people going to emergency rooms in a year. This excludes mowers, backhoe and weed trimmers. That’s why it is best to know the basic safety precautions and procedures when working with power tools.

What is power equipment? Power equipment would apply to different types of tools that are being powered by some of the following: electric, liquid fuel, pneumatic, hydraulic and powder-actuated.

Below are the following precautions on power tool usage that you should observe in order to avoid harm and serious injuries:

First, power equipment shouldn’t be carried by a hose or cord. You shouldn’t yank the hose or cord to disconnect it from its receptacle. When you are not using the power tools, you should always disconnect them whether they are being serviced or stored. Use a vise or clamps when handling a project, this can make your hands both free to handle the power tool. The blades and cutters should be kept clean, sharp and maintain in good condition for their best performance.

Keep in mind to dispose broken, bent, or damaged cutters and blades. Additionally, the area you are working in should be clean and lit. Instruction manuals should always be followed properly when changing accessories or lubricating the equipment.

One important safety precaution that you should consider is making sure that the exposed moving parts of a power tool is safeguarded and covered including gears, shafts, pulley, sprockets, belts, spindles, flywheels, chains and drums. A power tool’s greatest hazard would be the electric shock, so before turning on the power, be sure the equipment is properly grounded. When doing a project in a damp or wet location, it is advisable to use gloves.

Although power tools and equipments will help you make your life easier, the risks involved should not be ignored. If you have a project in your house, it would be best to consider getting help from a professional if you are don’t clearly understand how to a power tool. Constant vigilance and experience are both important for the safety and proper use of various power tools. However, always be ready with insurances or contact your lawyer immediately if you encounter problems especially serious injuries from using a power tool. When you are purchasing a power tool such as an impact driver, it should go along with an instruction manual for you to read carefully the safety precautions, procedures and guidelines. Lastly, if an accident occurs, make sure to call or contact a personal injury law firm and hire a professional lawyer near your area.

Gwalia Surveyors Introduces New 3D BIM Utility Mapping Technology


(London, UK)—Gwalia Surveyors, a multi-disciplinary survey consultancy committed to providing detailed survey data for their clients, has recently introduced new 3D Building Information Mapping (BIM) technology to the market. This technology has been developed in response to recent legislation that requires the use of 3D BIM on all government projects in order to minimize costs and increase efficiency in the collaborative process. Clients can learn more about how Gwalia will be using the BIM technology to deliver high-quality data for all of their projects at

Llyr Lane, a representative of Gwalia Surveyors, commented “We cannot overstate how proud we are to be introducing the new software and BIM technology we’ve developed to the industry. Our team invested a significant amount of time in this project, ensuring that at each phase of the process our data collection methods gave us the high-quality results we were looking for. We know that BIM is the future in the construction industry, and we look forward to seeing all of the ways our investment in this project will pay off in future projects.”

BIM, which stands for Building Information Mapping, is a technique used in the construction industry that generates a 3-dimensional model of a proposed building. Doing things this way provides clients with accurate, accessible, and actionable information and allows them to make more informed decisions and identify potential problems before the construction process starts. The BIM technology that Gwalia utilizes not only creates a 3-dimensional model of actual building parts, but also includes cost estimates and materials tracking and ordering data within that model. Clients can log on to the Gwalia Surveyors website at to discover more about BIM and how it works.

As Lane goes on to say, “Staying ahead of the game when it comes to new technology on the market has always been one of our core values. This is because we want to ensure that we are delivering the best possible results to our clients so that they can minimize costly mistakes. We are excited to see how the BIM technology we’ve developed will continue to move our industry forward throughout the next few years and beyond.”

Those who would like to learn more about Gwalia’s new BIM can visit

About Gwalia Surveyors:

Since Gwalia Surveyors was established in 1982, their aim has always been to provide survey data for their clients that’s detailed, accurate, and easy to understand. They’ve worked with a wide range of clients, including local councils and schools, heritage and tourist sites, care homes, and even the Millennium Stadium. Paying attention to detail, listening to their clients, and staying ahead of the technology curve are the core principles that drive the Gwalia Surveyors team and allow them to deliver high-quality results on every project.


Learning The Secrets About Products

Window Treatments With Style

Any individual will have you already know that the most apparent section of the room, would be the windows, and so a whole lot of care should be out into window treatment like blackout shades. Creators depend upon windows to create the best brightness factor for the bedroom – an important component in interior beautification and thus the focus in relation to designing the inside of any room specially the living room. The household furniture in the area is selected and inserted relative to the home windows and the window coverings, they determine the level of upholstery the furniture could have, such treatment comprises decorating the window with some sort of curtains, window blinds or shutters.

These window should be cautiously chosen to be able to complement the area in addition to the window. Decent window treatment like blackout shades needs to be designed to suit not merely the windows however they should combine with all of those other decor of the area and make a sense of interweave style. A desperately chosen and located window treatment could stick out as an eye sore within an otherwise desirable room.

Before seeking the tones or shutters or any type of treatment for the window proceed through the entire variety of available window treatments on the market. The most effective manufacturers of custom made window coverings you will need to serve the clients. They produce the whole selection of window coverings from drapes to bamboo blinds.

Window treatments should assist in searching of the window from within the space preventing or hamper looking in the room. This can be attained by the proper tones, covers and window shutters.

While air flow can be unaltered, the look from the window is elevated while personal privacy is taken care of. Deciding on the best blinds with the objective will go quite a distance in decorating the within of the home while keeping privacy as well. The type of blinds chosen for level of privacy will depend on the type of the house and where in fact the window is facing.

Prior to going out to grab yourself some quality window treatment like blackout shades you need to take the time and relax and decide the level of treatments you would appreciate to have for the area, try to visualize the window with the treatments you have analyzed in magazines and make an effort to modify them using what you have in store.

Window treatments can be extremely costly and this can be an expense you may well not have the ability to do every few months. So take some time and decide everything you really want and look into the market. Look for a web store with quite a lot of pictures and a wide variety of items that you an make use of to get precisely what it really is you need for your window treatments.

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